About Charles Coleman

Charles Coleman has been in the structural pest management industry for more than 10 years. He attended SUNY at Farmingdale, where he studied under Dr. Austin Frishman and received his AAS degree in Biological Research and Pest Management.

He also completed a BS degree in Entomology from the University of Maryland, College Park, specializing in Structural Pest Management and Medical Entomology. This person has researched how mosquitoes bite and can catch West Nile Virus. He also researches insecticide resistance among pests. He studies how pesticides affect homes and the best ways to control bed bugs. His work also includes studying generalist predators as biocontrol agents.

Charles Coleman

Professional Summary

I am a technical consultant for Best Pest World. My expertise lies in insect taxonomy, biology, and the development of insecticide solutions based on each unique pest problem. I have extensive experience with ant species identification and control techniques.

Education & Experience

Charles Coleman is an entomologist who earned his Master of Science degree at SUNY Farmingdale under Dr. Austin Frishman in December 2012. He completed his undergraduate research on carpenter ants under the supervision of Dr. David Bignell from August 2010- May 2011 leaving to take a position with the Best Pest World. Charles has been employed by Best Pest World for three years and performs structural pest management treatments throughout the Hudson Valley region. His duties include treatment planning, trap programs, siding repair inspections and building envelope evaluations to assess treatment needs.

Publications & Presentations

  • Insect Technology Conference. 4-7 January 1997. “Efficacy of a Mating Disruption Pyrethroid on German Cockroaches.”
  • Insect Technology Conference. 2-5 January 1996. “Efficacy of a Mating Disruption Pyrethroid on German Cockroaches.”